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Peace be upon you,

This blog is meant to provide a quick and simple guidance to navigate through Masjidil Haram in Mecca for the 1437H / 2016 Hajj season.

It can be perplexing and confusing to walk through the masjid and lose your way around. This is due to sheer size of the masjid, the similar look between one place to another and the ever-changing dynamics of the on-going construction work around the masjid. I do hope that this simple blog can help you find your way around.

During Hajj season, the gates may be closed earlier to manage the crowds. The gates may be barricaded gradually as early as 1 hour to 1.5 hours before prayer time. The main gates will be closed first. Come early if you want to pray inside the masjid.

On Fridays during Hajj season, the gates may even be closed as early as 10 am before the Friday prayers. Come super early on Friday if you want to pray inside the masjid.

Disclaimer: The information here is not 100% accurate since I prepared this based on my own observation walking around the masjid with a smartphone previously, and with a little bit of research from the internet. I do apologize for this shortcoming but I still hope this guide will be useful for you.

May your hajj is accepted by Allah.. Amiin.

Yours sincerely,

Map of Masjidil Haram

This is the latest map of the Masjid al Haram that I manage to obtain from the internet (August 2016). Feel free to download for your own use…

Pic 1. Masjidil Haram Map with Gate Numbers

You can also refer to this other map below. This was taken during hajj season last year. It has a detailed info on the new King Abdullah area. 

The location of this map is between the Al Safwa Towers and the Al Maqam Hotel (in front of the place). By now, the map should have been updated to the latest one at this location. 

Pics 2. Masjid al Haram Map with King Abdullah Extension Area


- The famous King Abdul Aziz gate is Gate No 1. 

- You can enter the Saei' area directly via Gate 13 till Gate 41. Bab as Salam is somewhere there. 

- During Hajj season, the guards may gradually barricade the doors as early as 1 hour to 1.5 hours before the prayer time.

- Use the gate No 91 and 92 or gate No 64 and 65 at the King Fahd area to access the escalator. These gates are the second last to be closed during the Hajj season. But you can only enter the Ground Floor, the 1st Floor or the Roof directly from these escalators. You cannot go to the Mezzanine Floor from these gates directly.

- I think the new King Abdullah Extension area will have gates numbered from Gate No 42 till Gate No 63, but I am not too sure. These gates at these new extension area are normally the last one to be barricaded by the guard during prayer times at the peak of the Hajj season to control the crowd. If you are really late, find these gates to enter the masjid.

- Refer to my other posts for more tips and info

Number of Levels or Floors

The Masjidil Haram actually has four (4) levels or floors. They are:

1) Ground Floor 

- This level is the same level as where the Kaabah is.

- You can access this floor directly from the staircase going down at King Fahd area Gate 78 and Gate 80 (refer to Pic 1. Masjidil Haram Map with Gate Numbers in my Map of Masjidil Haram post)

- Also from escalator going down at gate 65 & 66 or 91 & 92 (King Fahd area)

- The only catch is you have to walk through a basement-like area with lockers. Find the ablution (wudhu') area in the center to walk straight towards Kaabah.

2) Mezzanine Floor

- This level is the direct level you'll be at when you enter through the Major gates like the King Abdul Aziz gate (Gate 1), King Fahd Gate (Gate 79).

- Take note that you have to go down the big staircases to go down to the mataf/Kaabah area from this level. Or any of the inner escalator or stairs going down.

- You can perform Tawaf at this area during the Hajj season.

3) First Floor

- This level is directly accessible from the ramp next to the palace near the King Abdul Aziz gate.

- If you are at this level, you need to use the escalators around the masjid to go to other levels

- Or, you can use the stair cases that can be found at the King Fahd area (somewhere around gate 70-74 and gate 85-88)

- You can perform tawaf at this area.

- Wheelchair bound haji and hajjah can access this area from the ramps access shown on the map

4) Roof

- This level is only accessible via escalators as far as I know. The bigger praying area for the roof level is at the King Fahd area. Nice view of the clock tower, but no view of the Kaabah.

- It can be very hot during daytime because of the direct sunlight so be cautious.

- You can perform the tawaf at the roof area too if it is opened. Last year this section was closed for Tawaf due to the crane incident.

- Take the elevators at gate 65 & 66 or 91 & 92 to get here.

- Or the elevators between gate 43 & 64 (shown in Map no 2). You have to find these elevators on your own.


There are four levels where Saei' can be performed. They are:

1) Ground Floor

- Same level as the Kaabah.

- You have to go around the ramp (see picture below) in order to access this level

- Or, you can access this level directly from the stairs going down at Bab As Salam (between gate 17 to 20)

- At this level, the area is very small and crowded with minimal space to turn at each Safa and Marwah hill

- Not recommended to push wheelchair bound hajj or hajjah at this level (I tried it)

2) Mezzanine Floor

- This level is the directly accessible from most of the Saei gates (Gates 13 to 36). It is accessible from the main gates like King Abdul Aziz (No 1) and King Fahd (No 79) but you have to walk some distance to get to this saei location.

- However, if you are from Ground Floor (Kaabah level), you have to take the ramp up to access this level (see picture below)

3) First Floor

- This level is directly linked to the solat/tawaf area at the First Floor. It is big and less busy because a lot more people would perform the Saei at the Mezzanine Floor during Hajj.

- This level is accessible via the escalators at gate 39 & 43 or 38 & 41. You can also try to access from escalators at gate 16 & 23 (but I am not too sure about this since I never tried at these two gates).

4) Roof Floor

- I don't think the Saei can be performed at the rooftop although there seems to be an area for it.

Tawaf Duration (Estimate)

If you Tawaf at the mataf area near the Kaabah, it can take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the 7 rounds of Tawaf during the Hajj season.

If you tawaf at the Mezzanine floor or 1st floor, it can take between 1.5 hours to 2 hours to complete the 7 rounds of Tawaf during the Hajj season.

This was based on own personal experience. It may differ from person to person depending on the health and capability.

Toilets and Restrooms

You can only access the toilets and restroom from outside of the masjid, so take note. Refer to the locations from the map.

Wudhu' Station (Ablution)

There are wudhu' stations at various places in the masjid to perform ablution.

These are the ones that I know of:

1) At the King Fahd area 1st Floor, at the location where the Gate 69 and 89 are. These area are for the ladies (muslimah)

2) Underneath most of the inner staircases/escalators that go down from the Mezzanine Floor to the Kaabah area.

3) Inside the "Basement" at the Ground Floor of the King Fahd area amongst the lockers.

Muslimah Exclusive Area (Ladies)

Previously, I found that big chunk of the area at the First Floor of the King Fahd area is dedicated for Muslimah (Ladies) only. These area will be barricaded with the Quran shelves or barricades.

Some areas underneath the Mezzanine floor (at the Ground Floor) which are shaded (not the mataf/tawaf area near the Kaabah) were barricaded especially for Muslimah as well during the Hajj season.

Listening to Friday Khutbah in English (or Other Language) at Masjidil Haram

You can listen to the Friday sermon (khutbah) in different languages at the King Fahd area only. Use your handphone FM radio or a normal FM radio with earphone to tune in. Tune in to FM 100.0 for English.

For Indonesia/Malay, FM 90.5.

For Urdu, FM 90.2.