Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Map of Masjidil Haram

This is the latest map of the Masjid al Haram that I manage to obtain from the internet (August 2016). Feel free to download for your own use…

Pic 1. Masjidil Haram Map with Gate Numbers

You can also refer to this other map below. This was taken during hajj season last year. It has a detailed info on the new King Abdullah area. 

The location of this map is between the Al Safwa Towers and the Al Maqam Hotel (in front of the place). By now, the map should have been updated to the latest one at this location. 

Pics 2. Masjid al Haram Map with King Abdullah Extension Area


- The famous King Abdul Aziz gate is Gate No 1. 

- You can enter the Saei' area directly via Gate 13 till Gate 41. Bab as Salam is somewhere there. 

- During Hajj season, the guards may gradually barricade the doors as early as 1 hour to 1.5 hours before the prayer time.

- Use the gate No 91 and 92 or gate No 64 and 65 at the King Fahd area to access the escalator. These gates are the second last to be closed during the Hajj season. But you can only enter the Ground Floor, the 1st Floor or the Roof directly from these escalators. You cannot go to the Mezzanine Floor from these gates directly.

- I think the new King Abdullah Extension area will have gates numbered from Gate No 42 till Gate No 63, but I am not too sure. These gates at these new extension area are normally the last one to be barricaded by the guard during prayer times at the peak of the Hajj season to control the crowd. If you are really late, find these gates to enter the masjid.

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