Wednesday, August 3, 2016


There are four levels where Saei' can be performed. They are:

1) Ground Floor

- Same level as the Kaabah.

- You have to go around the ramp (see picture below) in order to access this level

- Or, you can access this level directly from the stairs going down at Bab As Salam (between gate 17 to 20)

- At this level, the area is very small and crowded with minimal space to turn at each Safa and Marwah hill

- Not recommended to push wheelchair bound hajj or hajjah at this level (I tried it)

2) Mezzanine Floor

- This level is the directly accessible from most of the Saei gates (Gates 13 to 36). It is accessible from the main gates like King Abdul Aziz (No 1) and King Fahd (No 79) but you have to walk some distance to get to this saei location.

- However, if you are from Ground Floor (Kaabah level), you have to take the ramp up to access this level (see picture below)

3) First Floor

- This level is directly linked to the solat/tawaf area at the First Floor. It is big and less busy because a lot more people would perform the Saei at the Mezzanine Floor during Hajj.

- This level is accessible via the escalators at gate 39 & 43 or 38 & 41. You can also try to access from escalators at gate 16 & 23 (but I am not too sure about this since I never tried at these two gates).

4) Roof Floor

- I don't think the Saei can be performed at the rooftop although there seems to be an area for it.