Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Number of Levels or Floors

The Masjidil Haram actually has four (4) levels or floors. They are:

1) Ground Floor 

- This level is the same level as where the Kaabah is.

- You can access this floor directly from the staircase going down at King Fahd area Gate 78 and Gate 80 (refer to Pic 1. Masjidil Haram Map with Gate Numbers in my Map of Masjidil Haram post)

- Also from escalator going down at gate 65 & 66 or 91 & 92 (King Fahd area)

- The only catch is you have to walk through a basement-like area with lockers. Find the ablution (wudhu') area in the center to walk straight towards Kaabah.

2) Mezzanine Floor

- This level is the direct level you'll be at when you enter through the Major gates like the King Abdul Aziz gate (Gate 1), King Fahd Gate (Gate 79).

- Take note that you have to go down the big staircases to go down to the mataf/Kaabah area from this level. Or any of the inner escalator or stairs going down.

- You can perform Tawaf at this area during the Hajj season.

3) First Floor

- This level is directly accessible from the ramp next to the palace near the King Abdul Aziz gate.

- If you are at this level, you need to use the escalators around the masjid to go to other levels

- Or, you can use the stair cases that can be found at the King Fahd area (somewhere around gate 70-74 and gate 85-88)

- You can perform tawaf at this area.

- Wheelchair bound haji and hajjah can access this area from the ramps access shown on the map

4) Roof

- This level is only accessible via escalators as far as I know. The bigger praying area for the roof level is at the King Fahd area. Nice view of the clock tower, but no view of the Kaabah.

- It can be very hot during daytime because of the direct sunlight so be cautious.

- You can perform the tawaf at the roof area too if it is opened. Last year this section was closed for Tawaf due to the crane incident.

- Take the elevators at gate 65 & 66 or 91 & 92 to get here.

- Or the elevators between gate 43 & 64 (shown in Map no 2). You have to find these elevators on your own.